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Reports of potential stoat sightings are incredibly important and we cannot thank you enough for your support! If you think you've seen a stoat, please fill in the form below. For any help with identification, please check out our stoat guide.

You can zoom quite far into the map using the + signs to be able to give us the most precise location you can. By pressing the small square icon on the left-hand side of the map underneath the + and - signs you can also enlarge the map to full screen which will enable you to zoom in even closer to provide a more detailed map reference on the form. Pressing the square icon again brings you back to the normal web page.

If you prefer, you can visit an online grid finder to find the essential reference for the form.

Sighting Information

Please provide as much information as possible. Although some information is optional, it would help us if you can provide contact details so we can contact you to verify sighting information if needed.
Click on the map above to find a grid reference.
All sightings are essential even if the stoat is dead. Knowing which reports are live stoats will become increasingly important as stoat numbers decrease.
Stoats tend to be brown in summer, but can become white (ermine) or partially white over winter. This detail helps us know if sightings from the same area are likely to be different stoats.
Please enter a number:
Please add any detail in here which will help show the precise location where you saw the stoat eg on road, in grass, on rocks etc.
If you can please include information about what the stoat was doing eg ran into a wall, ran across the road into a ditch, trying to take eggs from a nest etc.

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